Chapter A – Awakened (Autobiography Book by Mynzah)


Chapter A – Awakened (PDF)

~ Awakened ~

Prior to this night, I had no interest in spiritual matters and I wasn’t part of any religious sect. If I considered myself anything, I would have to say it was Baptist but only because I had been baptized in that faith. I was also somewhat raised in it because my mother and I would attend the Free Will Baptist church in Visalia, periodically. I didn’t like church but I liked the pastor and his wife…to me, they were what I considered to be Christ like. I didn’t get baptized until I had already been in the Marines and Sheriff’s department. So I was well into my adulthood when I was baptized.

I shared earlier in this book my feelings about church after my walk-in experience at four. Briefly I will say that I saw church as an institution to inflict fear upon individuals, subjugate women, and mislead the collective, while working  with other agencies of control that are also not beneficial for the highest good of the whole. In high school, I didn’t attend church often but I had always been interested in Astrology. The closest I came to spirituality was having an Astrology book. I would take it with me to school and ask my friends if they knew their sign. Most didn’t so I would look it up for them and have them read about their sign. I also had a Ouija board when I was in high school but my friends and I weren’t very successful with it. Some other friends in high school had a Ouija board and had contacted one of our friends who had passed. We were on school campus and in the gym locker room contacting that friend. I actually wasn’t part of it, I had heard about it and went to the gym and watched them make contact. I also had a spell book as a kid and I tried to read it but I didn’t find it interesting.

Because I came into this reality partially awake, I was confused as to my whereabouts as my new reality unfolded. I was interested in the unknown world more than the known world. So at an early age I began looking into the beyond but after I went into the Marines, I no longer looked. I actually became interested in other religions other than what I had been introduced to since childhood. I explored many religions while in the Marines but I found them to be incomplete.

After the Marines, I still stayed away from church and I focused on advancing myself via a career. I bought into ideas about reality that I had previously rejected. I became a good American citizen and didn’t question my reality…I did what I was told and what was expected of me. I have four children and each of them have been baptized in the Catholic religion, it was their mothers choice. It didn’t matter to me if they were baptized or not.

Prior to my awakening, I had been prescribed Prozac for depression and had been taking it for almost 8 years. It was prescribed to me because I had gone into a suicidal depression over not being able to be at the Dr. exams for my twins who were in utero. At that time my soon to be ex-wife was pregnant with twins and she didn’t want me to be there for the Dr. exams. I had always been there for my kid’s appointments leading up to their births. This was the first time that I would not be part of the birth process for my children and I felt as though I had failed in life. I didn’t blame her for not wanting me there and I am not blaming her now, simply sharing when Prozac came about.

Prior to the Prozac, I had gone to see a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with having PTSD as a result of my childhood. I didn’t entirely resonate with his diagnosis. I felt if I had PTSD it was a result of not one thing that happened to me but the many traumatic events I endured over life. The Psychiatrist didn’t prescribe me Prozac, he gave me something else but I can’t remember what the name is. I do know that it was causing me to feel very weird and I was falling asleep at my new job at the Office of Education. I didn’t like the feeling so I stopped taking the drug and didn’t go back to the psychiatrist. Over a short amount of time, the depression was back and the suicidal thoughts as well. My girlfriend at the time was concerned for me and talked to a mutual friend who was a psychiatrist and he suggested I go see someone immediately. Hearing it from him really took it too my heart so I went to my family doctor.

While I waited for my doctor to come into the room, I wondered what I would say. He was only use to me being injured for football, not crying. When the doctor entered the room, it was actually a Physician Assistant and not my doctor. I had seen her before and she was always nice to me so I felt comfortable talking to her. She sat down and smiled at me and then asked a simple question, “How can I help you David?”. That’s all it took and I began to cry and told her everything. As I talked and cried, she wrote and handed me tissue. She was very comforting and I could tell by the look on her face that she was very concerned for me.

I didn’t want to take medication again, I didn’t want a repeat of what happened before and I didn’t want to think something was so wrong with me that I would have to take a pill for it. I was embarrassed to have to take a pill. Here I am a football player, former Marine, and Law Enforcement officer but I have to take a pill because I can’t stop crying and I want to die…it was very embarrassing and I didn’t reveal it to very many that I was on Prozac.

I remained on the Prozac for almost 8 years and I tried three times unsuccessfully to get off of Prozac and each time I did, I spiraled into a suicidal depression. I finally reached a point of acceptance that I would have to take this pill for the rest of my life. Taking Prozac took my feelings about things away but not my thinking about things away.

Not long after my last attempt to kick Prozac, a friend of mine from work came to spend the weekend with me. When she came over, I wasn’t expecting all of the clothes, food and alcohol she brought. It really looked to me like she was moving in. I joked with her about it as well, especially the big bottle of vodka she brought. She didn’t know at the time but I really wasn’t a drinker. I had been a drinker at certain times in my life but this wasn’t one of them.

I joked with her about the big bottle of vodka she brought and she said, “If you smoked Marijuana, I would have brought that”. After she mentioned smoking Marijuana, I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said, “why not”. She got really excited about it and we ventured out to go get it from her friend. When we pulled up to her friend’s house, there was a cop with his lights on across the street. It looked like he had just finished pulling someone over. I wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea anymore and the next thing I know, her friend is at the car window and the transaction is done. So we went to the store to get a particular rolling paper called blunt raps. I was out of the loop so I wasn’t aware of the new jargon or products related to smoking marijuana.

When we returned to my place, she rolled the Marijuana up with the blunt raps and she and I smoked. We didn’t even get half way done with smoking and I became very quiet and I began feeling the effects of the Marijuana. Edith however is fine and doing things around my place and talking to me. I remained quiet and tried to understand what was going on because I had never felt this way when I smoked marijuana. I began repeating slowly to myself, “reality…reality…reality…what is real”, it was as if someone outside myself was speaking to me. Edith sees that something is going on and she asks me if I am ok. I told her, “I don’t know what is going on but you have to leave.”

Clearly by the look on her face she did not want to hear this from me. She barely got to my place and planned a great weekend together but now I am telling her to leave. At the time I really didn’t know why she needed to leave. I really wanted her to stay as well. I couldn’t explain it, I just had a knowing that she had to leave but I had no reason for why.

She asked me if I was kidding and I told her again that I didn’t know what was going on but that I needed her to leave and I don’t know why she needs to leave. I did know that the desire for her to leave was not coming from me but someone or something else. She started gathering all the stuff she brought for the weekend and it was very clear that she was upset with having to leave after just arriving. She asked a few times as she got ready to leave, if I was serious and I told her that I was but I don’t know why it has to be this way.

Before she left my place, I asked her to give me a call when she got home so I would know she made it home ok. As soon as my front door closed, I received a call from her and we stayed on the phone until she got home and that was about 15 minutes. Now that she was home safely I found the remainder of the marijuana that had been rolled and I smoked it. I honestly didn’t think I was going to smoke anymore, I didn’t think I needed to smoke anymore.

After smoking the remainder of the Marijuana joint, I felt the need to lie down on my couch and listen to two songs by my favorite band TOOL. As all of this is taking place, I realize that I am being guided, there is someone else talking me through steps I am to take…all the way down to the music I would listen to.   I was told to listen to two songs on my MP3 player and put it on loop. The two songs I was guided to listen to were Lateralus and Third Eye by TOOL…perfect songs and music for what was about to take place.

After smoking the remainder of the marijuana, I got my mp3 player situated with the two songs to listen to and I placed it on a loop to repeat. I laid down on my couch and closed my eyes…. the first song (Lateralus) had not finished playing when I began to feel a burning sensation in my lower back. I was about to open my eyes, sit up on the couch and check my back. I thought maybe I had dropped the marijuana on my couch and now I was laying on it. As I had the thought to open my eyes, sit up and check my back, I get told by someone to just relax and that I would be fine. Who this someone was I didn’t know but they were comforting and not physically in my room.

So I relaxed and the sensation in my lower back begins to increase. The next thing that happened I am not sure how to explain because what I was feeling in my back I was also seeing while my eyes were closed. The burning sensation in my lower back began to rise like a stream of fire and I saw two snakes that were on fire, intertwining slowly up my spine. As the fire snakes rose up my back, I saw areas of my body light up along my spine as though I was a Christmas tree (I would later come to know that these were my chakra areas illuminating).

As these snakes climbed, I felt my body getting very hot and it began shaking. When these fire snakes reached the top of my head (Crown Chakra), I was suddenly out of my body and facing my body from above as it lay on the couch. At this moment I was in a bit of shock to witness myself above my body…I didn’t know how that was possible, I wondered if I had died. I wasn’t frightened but I was definitely intrigued by what was taking place.

The next thing that I witnessed while suspended above my body, were two Blue Beings leaving my body as it lay on the couch. They each peeked out individually, and stared at me as if to say hello. One Blue Beings head peeked out from the right of my body and another Blue Being to the left. They just stared at me and I stared at them and it comforting. I knew they were also in the body with me when I occupied it. I just came out first and then they each did. I wondered who they were and when I had that thought, the Blue Being on the right and then the one on the left, gently left the body on the couch.   At the time I didn’t know who they were or where they were going but would later come to know them as part of me, my Mer Ka Ba.

Once this took place, I was moved from being about 3 feet directly over my body to being over in the corner of the room at the ceiling…and I was there for less than 15 seconds viewing my body on the couch still…the next thing I know I am through the roof and ascending at an extreme rate away from my home…my town…my country…and my planet. Once in space amongst the stars I saw that I was connected and ONE with everything, and that we all are but have forgotten. I saw how I had lived my life and that I wasn’t who I thought I was but more…much more. I felt myself being expanded beyond the limits of physical reality and interconnected with everything that exists. I was shown that I am everything that exists and so is everyone else, including every animal, tree, plant, insect and element. Simultaneously as I am being reminded, I am also remembering this truth being shared…There is One source of Light and we are each that.

After I was shown this and I am still out of body, I then found myself in another dimension. This other dimension was one of Eternal bliss and Love. It wasn’t the Love that we know of on Earth, this Love was immeasurable. This Love wasn’t new to me, only forgotten and I was being reminded of it. Everything around me was serene and I felt I was floating in a sea of absolute and eternal bliss. Again, I really don’t feel words can effectively portray what I was shown and what I felt. I do know that I recognized this “alternate” reality as the original, the reality I was aware of before coming to this Earth reality.

The final stage of what took place that night, I am shown standing naked in a body and there is an arch of energy going over me, from one of my hands to the other. Above me and the arch of energy is a huge singular eye. While this was taking place, I felt myself charged with pure energy I had never experienced in this reality. Nothing in my earthly experience could equate to the feeling, sex wasn’t even in the ballpark for comparison, nor any drug. In the simplest terms, I felt as though I was a light switch finally turned on and now I could see in the dark.

I’m really not sure how long this entire process took place that night. When I came back into my Earthly body, I began crying because I saw myself and the reality entirely different than I had before. I remembered about my child hood and my walk in experience. It was upsetting to know that I had fallen asleep and had been misled by culture, religion, school, authority figures, etc… I was also very sad that I had raised my children to be materialistic and that I had indoctrinated my kids into a system of separation, manipulation and fear. I had a number of thoughts scurrying through my mind and began writing them down but it was just too much and I felt extremely exhausted so I lay back down and slept.

In the morning I checked in with myself to see if what I experienced was a reality and if I felt the same as I did last night and I overwhelmingly did. I sat on my couch for awhile wondering what to do about happened to me and kept going over in my mind what I experienced and looking over what I had written down. I also had an understanding as to why Edith had to leave that night. It was necessary for me to be alone and uninterrupted for my Awakening. Yet she was important factor as well because she helped facilitate part of what was needed for my experience.

When got up from the couch, I decided to go to my computer but I don’t remember what I was going to do on it. My computer was in my kitchen and as I approached it, I saw the bottle of Prozac on the kitchen counter. I grabbed the bottle of Prozac, looked at it, chuckled and then threw it into my trashcan. I knew immediately that I would never take that pill again and never did from that point.

I got on my computer and began looking for pictures but I didn’t know what I was looking for. On the first page of my Google search I see three pictures of exactly what I had just experienced just that evening. I was confused because I couldn’t understand how my experience is in a visual form of a picture on Google. So I click the picture to see the name of it and it says Kundalini Awakening. I had never heard of that before so I opened another window and typed “Kundalini Awakening” into my Google search to see what it means. As I am reading about the Kundalini, it describes in detail what I had just experienced that previous night. I’m thinking to myself that this is right out of the Matrix and I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Later on that same day, in the evening I received a call from a friend of mine that I worked with at the Sheriff’s department. He was now with the California Highway Patrol and was calling to see if I had looked into a teacher that he had recommended. About a month earlier he called me about a teacher named Adyashanti. I had never heard of this person before and the name was strange to me as well so I had no interest. I wasn’t interested in teachers, gurus, pastors, preachers, and/or anything spiritual or related to the cosmos or God. However, when he called this second time, I had just had this Kundalini thing happen and wanted to share it with him but didn’t want him to think I was nuts. So I let him know that I am going through something right now and that I really don’t want to look into this Adyashanti person. I didn’t share this with him at the time but I only wanted to look into Kundalini and find out what happened to me.

My friend tells me that he is going to stay on the phone with me until I look up Adyashanti and listen real quick. So I agreed to, but it was only to satisfy him so I could get off the phone and continue my own research on Kundalini, not Adyashanti. So I pulled up this teacher Adyashanti on YouTube to watch a video and when he started to speak, it was about consciousness, enlightenment and awakening. I am blown away that twice in one day I have information coming to me that is related to what happened to me the night before. So I tell my friend that this is exactly what I have been looking for and need to hear right now. He laughs and tells me, “I’ve been trying to tell you”. I excitedly tell my friend that I need to go because I want to listen to this guy right now. So my friend and I agreed to talk later about what was going on and I began listening to the teachings of Adyashanti and many others whose truth resonated with my own from the moment forward.

I never had a conscious intention of awakening my Kundalini, I didn’t even know it existed. The awakening of my Kundalini wasn’t an accident however, it was intentional. It was spontaneous but that sounds like it was an accident but I know that it was arranged and part of my reason for being here. My Kundalini Awakening is also related to my past lives on Earth in Egypt and India. What is referred to as Kundalini in India, it is called Uraeus in Ancient Egypt.

Everything happens for a reason, I would later come to remember as others have remembered. I have been on a journey of remembrance since I walked in at four, but for a period of time I forgot, I fell asleep and I adapted into this limiting three-dimensional learning reality. When it was time for me to wake up in this reality, my Light was turned on…Kundalini rose, ignited my body with Divine energy, I experienced death, my Third Eye was opened…I have been Awakened.

Autobiography Book by Mynzah Page


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