What are Walk-In and Wanderer Souls?




What is a Walk-In Soul?

Walk-in is an ancient concept first described in Hinduism whose modern name originated in the Spiritualist faith.  A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul.

Walk-ins first appear in Hindu sacred literature. In Hindu belief, each person is comprised of several bodies, including the physical, astral, mental, refined, and so on. The only essence that is not a body, and therefore not tranferable, is the Atman. So according to this belief system, a walk-in, as described in the book Merging with Siva by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, can take one or many of these bodies.

Walk-in souls do not steal or kidnap another person’s body. A walk-in happens when two souls agree to swap places, making a soul contract. The original soul makes the decision that it wants out of a life and contracts with another soul to continue the life stream. The walk-in will reside in his body and continue living out the personality that has already been established.

The belief system states that all souls come to earth in order to accomplish missions of cosmic significance, and that a walk-in is a highly evolved soul who is here to help raise the vibrational levels of humanity and doesn’t want to bother with the tedious process of incarnating in the usual fashion (i.e., birth).

Walk-ins, are invariably more spiritual, compassionate and sympathetic than the original person.

This interpretation is sometimes disputed by the spouses of people who abruptly discontinue marital relations on the grounds that they are not the person whose name appears on the wedding license or that carnal love is not for those of higher vibrational frequencies. Separation, divorce, and remarriage are very common to the walk-in experience.

What is a Wanderer  Soul?

Scott Mandelker wrote a book called From Elsewhere describing the feeling of being an alien from another planet who has wandered here at this time in Earth’s planetary transition back to light.

Wanderers are thought of as souls connected to another place, planet, or realm, who have come here on a mission, after which they will return home.  That is true of all souls in this experiment, though Wanderers often feel disassociated. They do not always remember what their mission is, as the ‘mission feeling’ is present in the DNA codes of all humans.

Sometimes Wanderers believe they have come here to prepare humanity for coming changes – perhaps a visit from ET’s or moving into love and light, etc.  All awakened souls … moving through the healing process into balance and higher consciousness, move into this line of thought.  It is not special and becomes more commonplace in the passages of time.

A Wanderer who cannot find their mission will become depressed and can develop fear, panic and anxiety, attracting various negative paranormal experiences.  Again – it is important to determine if the person has a Personality Disorder.

All souls are Wanderers in this consciousness experiment, experiencing in many realities simultaneously. It ends at Zero Point when all souls leave the physical and return to higher consciousness as soul sparks of light.

Why a Soul Swapping Happens?

Reasons why a soul decides to depart from the physical and return to spirit can vary. When the soul has met or surpassed his purpose for incarnation into the body it may choose a new experience elsewhere and chooses to exit the body.  It is not unusual for souls to “re-negotiate” their soul contracts one or more times during a lifetime and continue living in the body. But, in some cases, the soul wants out entirely and will offer the body along with its formed personality for another soul to walk into. Other times a soul will choose to opt-out because it feels the challenge of being human is too difficult and wishes to be released from the physical and reflect on its choices, and re-evaluate his life plan while residing in the spiritual realm.

When Do Soul Exchanges Happen?

When a soul decides to vacate the physical form another soul may opt-in and take up residence in the body. Both souls have to be in agreement for a swap to happen. The exchange or transfer of souls will usually happen during a trauma in a personality’s lifetime such as a an auto accident, major surgery, suicide attempt, episode of depression or some other suffering.  Sometimes a soul will exit the body at the end stages of life allowing another soul the opportunity to experience being in a coma or other pre-death experiences. This could account for some terminal patients not recognizing family members sitting vigil at their death beds.

Transient Walk-ins

Sometimes a soul will “rent out” its body to another soul for a short period of time, allowing itself a respite from human life. Transient souls will walk-in to a human body similar to professional house-sitters. The transient walk-in will play house with your family, friends, neighbors, etc. until the original soul returns.

Guest Walk-in Souls

Sometimes a soul will agree to walk-in and reside in the body alongside the original soul as partners. This is much like opening up your home to a guest, having a roommate,  or employing a live-in housekeeper. The guest walk-in will agree to co-inhabit the body for different reasons. A walk-in may come in as an observer, merely wanting to shadow your life. This may happen when the original soul is considering exiting the body permanently but hasn’t made its final decision. Or, a  guest walk-in will arrive to help out or support the original soul while he is recuperating from a trauma or facing a difficult challenge. Sometimes the original soul will serve as a “interviewer” or “on the job trainer” to teach the walk-in for a short period of time before he exits permanently. Many different scenarios can be played out when two souls choose to co-inhabit one body/personality.


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