One Divine Being (Poetry by Mynzah)


~ One Divine Being ~

“The other side of the screen…home for those who remember life is but a dream…merely, merely we row down the stream.

Childhood rhyme of a past time…familiar patterns of sacred geometrical design…awakening messages for programmed minds.

Reflection in the mirror familiar to me…the soul behind the eyes recognized indeed…the body temporary housing for eternal beings.

Many of you know what I mean…others still believe in the conditioned dream…they too will one day remember and see…there is no us and them, we are One Being.

Multi-dimensional essences of the One…extensions of a singular consciousness, Divine fragments of Light and Love.

Everything comes from above…this is only one reality we’ve chosen to be part of.

Simultaneously we exist…multi-dimensional beings of various realities we endlessly persist.

Gently down the holographic stream we dream…merrily, merrily as One Divine Being.”

~ Mynzah ~


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