Journey (Quote)

“Your journey has molded you for the greater good. It was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” ~ Asha Tyson Continue reading Journey (Quote)

Divine Timing (Writing by Mynzah)

~ Divine Timing ~ Events take place in our reality to assist us in our growth as One collective source. It is at times hard to see that events such as 9/11, Fukushima, and others are divinely orchestrated. Just as there are no coincidences in our life, there are no coincidences in these events, they take place in order to unify the collective consciousness. The … Continue reading Divine Timing (Writing by Mynzah)

Veterans for Peace on 9/11

On the 14th anniversary of the notorious September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people, the mainstream media is full of the usual infotainment, with virtually every possible point of view, except for the truth. Many people question the official story of 9/11. There are certainly many reasons to doubt that story, and many contending theories for what actually happened on … Continue reading Veterans for Peace on 9/11

The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Video)

In this short video interview, General Clark outlines the behind the scenes actions following 9/11/01. Wesley Clark, is a retired General of the United States Army, valedictorian of the class of 1966 at West Point, awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, where he obtained a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Later he graduated from the Command and General Staff College with … Continue reading The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Video)

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open (Video)

Rudy Dent, a retired New York Firefighter, Fire Marshall, Police Officer, and Vietnam Veteran, with 32 years of service with FDNY, including Ladder 33 and 52, has to share. He was at ground zero and witnessed the explosions and eventual collapse of the third world trade building that many are not privy to. I believe that you can also discern that Officer Rudy Dent is … Continue reading 9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open (Video)