5 Thought-provoking Questions that All Seekers should Ask Themselves (Article)


This is an article I am mentioned in from Fractal Enlightenment that was posted 4/5/16 but I wasn’t made aware of it until today. At any rate, it is a great article that I hope you will also appreciate. ~ Mynzah

If you’ve ever experienced a piece of writing, music, art, etc., “speaking to your soul”, you’ll know exactly how it feels to have something move you in a way that the mind can’t logically explain. Whether it be the feeling of chills when you hear a particular song, or even an instant warm feeling that overtakes you when you listen to a spiritual talk, there is undoubtedly a way that our body shows us that it “resonates” with something even if we have no idea why….(Remainder of article here at Fractal Enlightenment)



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