Autobiography by Mynzah – New Chapter


I just posted  another chapter of my book, that will always be free to view online and only for sale in book form. I haven’t made it for sale as of yet because it’s not completed and I am not sure how many more chapters I have to complete the book. I do know I am close to being completed with it. The chapters after this one will be about the origins of my name, my near death experiences, plant medicine (salvia divinorum and mushrooms), my interactions with otherworldly Beings, Cat Beings (family), Seeing myself on ship, and my walking away from the established life. The intention of writing this book is solely to assist the collective consciousness. I hope you find this newest chapter and the others, to be beneficial to your walk.  Below is a link to the new chapter and the Autobiography

Peace, Light and Love to You and all that You know. ~ Mynzah

Chapter B – All Knowing

Autobiography page


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