NO Dakota Access Pipeline (please support)

PLEASE support this Earth we all share…PLEASE support the protectors of our beloved planet…PLEASE support “No Dakota Access in Treaty Territory – Camp of the Sacred Stones.” Collectively, we have the ability to stop government and corporations from continuing their quest for money and power at our expense, the Earth’s expense, and the Indigenous expense. Perhaps you’ve never heard of DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline Project) … Continue reading NO Dakota Access Pipeline (please support)

Wolf (Totem)

WOLF Medicine: – Guardianship… – Strength – Protection – Balance – Loyalty – Intuition – Communication – Guidance Cycle of Power: Year Round; Full Moon; Twilight WOLF IS THE PATHFINDER AND GUIDE. IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLF, TEACHING IS TAKING PLACE. WHEN THE RAVEN IS PRESENT, THE TEACHINGS ARE OF THE UNSEEN WORLD. The Wolf is a powerful, swift, and cunning brother of the woods. … Continue reading Wolf (Totem)