The Mandela Effect (Video playlist)

Some may and some may not be aware of the term “Mandela Effect”. I hadn’t become aware of it until 3 months ago, or at least I wasn’t aware that there was a term for what I had been witnessing in this “reality”. I’m aware that reality is consistently changing and exponentially. I know this is “real” and I am not interested in convincing anyone that it is or isn’t…Everyone must look and decide for themselves. For me, I had a friend die that I knew since high school and now he is alive in this timeline. I have found words in my King James Bible that were not there before. The Stars in the sky are no longer in the place I knew them to be. Song lyrics have also changed for me. I could go on and on but later I will do my own video regarding this. For now I have made a playlist of my favorite “Mandela Effect” videos. Look for yourself, investigate for yourself, think for yourself, and decide for yourself. If you’ve also become aware of this “Mandela Effect” please feel free to share your experience if you would like. Thanks for watching and blessings to you on the journey further UP the rabbit hole.~ Mynzah

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