Veteran (Quote)


Where’s the public outcry and parade for active duty service members and Veterans…Why are cops treated as though they are somehow more special than the vet or service person who also put their life on the line. If a cop gets killed in the line of duty, it’s all over the news but when a vet or military person gets killed, the birds chirp. Both have signed up for a job with little reward and much risk but cops seem to have more of an importance in the public eye, instead of an equal importance. Most cops I worked with in law enforcement couldn’t and wouldn’t make it in the Marines, yet they are held in such high regard in the public. I don’t care to hear about ANYONE dying, but I find it disparaging when cops are held as heroes for dying in the line of duty but service men and women, no parade of vehicles for dying in the line of duty, just a headstone in a National Cemetery…

Everyone is special and we all have the potential of “dying” every day but glorifying one profession over another or one person over another, that’s propaganda and only beneficial for those who profit from it. We’re All equal and we’re All Divine…we All don’t remember that truth but we All will in “time”… ~ Mynzah


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