Yes On Prop 205 Arizona


Tomorrow, Arizona is the 5th state voting that day to legalize Marijuana for recreational use for adults over 21 #YesOn205. Medical Marijuana is already available and benefiting Arizona. Proposition 205 is the next step in the evolution of compassion and consciousness for the public. I recently lived in Colorado for a year where it is legal for 21 and over recreational use and it was nice to see how responsibly it was handled by the public and law enforcement. Being in a state where Marijuana was legal, made possession of the plant less of a big deal. For example, the 420 celebration normally held in Boulder was no more because now it was legal and no big deal…no need to bring attention to it. Anyway, I currently live in Arizona and it would be nice to see the community here legalize a plant to benefit them. For more information on this initiative, follow the link below. ~ Mynzah


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