Greenstone or Pounamu Toki (Crystals & Gemstones)


This Stone was gifted to me by a friend and Divine Soul, (Keith Fitzwater) from New Zealand. I Love stones and crystals and wasn’t aware of this stone until he sent it to me. Grateful and blessed to have this stone around my neck and aligned with my heart. Below is information about the stone that I was not aware of. ~ Mynzah

(Greenstone or Pounamu Toki) ~ have a spiritual meaning associated with strength (mana). Before they became ornamental they were an everyday tool used in cutting and digging, and were also lashed to expertly carved wooden shafts and wielded by powerful Maori chiefs during religious ceremony. These toki were known as toki poutangata. Our national museum finds that toki poutangata were used on ceremonial occasions, such as the felling of a great tree for a significant waka (canoe) or for the ridgepole of a whare nui or meeting house. The first chips cut from the tree were taken by the tohunga to a special place where karakia of thanksgiving were recited to the god of the forest, Tanemahuta in acknowledgement of the sacrifice of his offspring.

All Maori design has an element of magic that can increase the life spirit of the object or person it adorns. So when the toki was lashed to an expertly carved shaft, the life spirit, the mana of the toki, increased. This power is why the chief, the most powerful tribesmen, was the only one allowed to wield it. Today when worn around the neck, the toki is said to represent strength because of this distant association with the tribal chief and increased life force of the toki poutangata.



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