Know Thyself…God Self Icon (Article)


“Know Thyself and Ye Shall Know the Gods.” ~ Ancient Egyptian Proverb

The twin serpents represent the Kundalini and activation of the DNA within the human species, revealing the divinity within…the Higher Self…your GodSelf. ~ Mynzah


These 4 semi-nude “GodSelf Icons”—2 from Peru (left side) and 2 from Egypt (right side)—are all barefoot, facing forward, and holding rearing serpents symmetrically in each hand. Incredible!

I´ve spent the past thirty years finding Egypt / Peru parallels, and I´ve been presenting these parallels online for almost twenty years—but these figures which I call “GodSelf Icons” top the list, not just because these GodSelf Icons hold the same meaning in both Egypt & Peru, but because I´ve found that the GodSelf Icon is the lost symbol of an ancient Universal Religion that was once shared worldwide.

I discovered the GodSelf Icon during trips I took to Egypt and Peru in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and I officially published my findings in my 2011 book, WRITTEN IN STONE. The GodSelf Icon is the main subject of my 2016 book, THE MISSING LINK.

See my GodSelf Icon video:
Read my GodSelf Icon article:


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