Two announcements:
FIRST: The band I am in, Sister and the Sun, has a “new” addition, and their name is August West. We (Sister and the Sun), have done a few gigs with August and all of us, including August, like the trio combination we’ve manifested…it’s an electrifying experience. Our first gig as an official trio will be the CD release party for Lucky Lenny on February 10th. We’re looking forward to many gigs with our trio, that ALSO breaks down into a solo, and a duo…when needed…and we’re looking forward to sharing this with you.
SECOND: August West and Mynzah, of Sister and the Sun will be playing as a duo, on January 18th, from 7pm to 10pm at Vino Di Sedona. This is the first time that Mynzah and August have played in public as a duo (besides a wedding last month), so come out and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and live acoustic Rock & Roll, with two members of the trio. ~ Sister and the Sun 👱 ☀ 🎸 🎶
Please feel free to take, tag, or share this…perhaps someone you know would like to attend as well.
flyer by Mynzah

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