Undocumented Mind by Mynzah


How many of your friends and family are the result of ‘illegal’ immigration? How many of your friends and family are here because their parents are undocumented? Had it not been for the parents of our friends getting themselves here, most of us wouldn’t have the friends we currently have. Your friends whose parents are here “illegally”, do you wish for them to return to their country of origin and take their kids, (your friends) with them? Are you going to tell your friends to tell their parents to become ‘legal’? How many of you are of mixed ethnicity and whose ancestors have traveled from one country to the next and did not utilize the ‘proper’ means of entrance. Personally, I’m grateful for my friends of various colors and different countries. I’m grateful that the father of my sister and my brother came to this country ‘illegally’…had he not, I would not have the beautiful siblings I have, as well as the wonderful nieces and nephews that have been born in this country of immigrants. Some ‘americans’ act like this country is theirs yet it was the Indigenous that were here first. The reason this country ‘belongs’ to the United States now, has come about through force. You want to talk about MASS Illegal Immigration, then look at the history of the United States, and other countries that have invaded sovereign lands. No human is illegal, they are here on this Earth divinely and have arrived here as every other human has…Divinely.

This photo is my lovely sister Senaida, born in the US, held by her father that was here from Mexico ‘illegally’. He was one of the hardest working people that I know and one of the most loving as well…and I am grateful for the beauty he brought to my world and the world of many others. Perhaps there is someone you know that has made a positive impact on your life and they are not from your country of origin…perhaps they are even related to you. ~ Mynzah


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