Mynzah Kundalini Awakening Story

I was asked the other day by some new friends at a social event how I awakened my Kundalini, so I verbally shared with them the short story of it. If you are unaware of my Kundalini Awakening and are interested in the LONGER version of it, here is the Story of it. My intention of sharing the story is to assist others who may have experienced it also. I felt alone in my awakening initially and of course would later realize I Am not alone. At any rate, there are a number of people who have connected with me since my coming out and some of you may not be aware of this story. My hope is that All remember their Divinity and my role is to help in that remembrance. ~ Mynzah 🙏♥

Me Finally

My Kundalini Awakening

The night of my spontaneous Kundalini Awakening a friend had come over to my house to spend the weekend with me.  She had brought, food, clothes and some alcohol with her, I don’t drink alcohol now and really didn’t drink it then but intended to since she had brought it.  I joked around with her about all of the stuff she had brought because it looked like she was moving in with me.  I asked her about the big bottle of vodka she brought and she said, “If you smoked marijuana I would have brought that”.  I didn’t smoke marijuana at that time either and it had been over 10 years since I had.

Before I go any further I would like to share that prior to this night I had been a former U.S. Marine for 4 years from 1986 to 1990.  Three years following my…

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