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Life…Journey…Awareness… (Quote)

Nansen Zen 92718

What is the path? Everyday Life is the path… ~ Nansen Zen

Know Thyself…Self Realization…Truth… (Quote)

Muktananda 92618

Oh friend, where are you going? Where have you come from, and what are you supposed to do? You belong to the supreme Truth, but you have forgotten your origin. Now is the time to get back on the main road.. ~ Muktananda

Love…Oneness…Consciousness… (Quote)

Michael Exeter 92518

Love is not just another attitude. Many people think the opposite of fear is Love. But Love is actually what we are. It is a step beyond attitude. It is a shift in consciousness… ~ Michael Exeter


Saradamma 92418

If you Love one person more than another this is not true Love; it is an attachment created by desire. To Love All things equally…is true Love… ~ Saradamma


Freedom…Know Thyself…Truth… (Quote)

Sivananda 92018

You are already free. Only you have to know and realize this truth… ~ Sivananda

Oneness…God…Love… (Quote)

Shems Tabriez 91918

Do you think that God is only in your heart? You should be able to recognize God in every garden, in every forest, in every house, and in every person… ~ Shems Tabriez

Remember Thyself…God…Oneness…Love… (Quote)

Nisargadatta 918188

Forget me, forget my teachings, but please do one thing. Go into your own Being, just be, without mind, just be and watch your mind. Thoughts that occur, watch the thoughts but don’t participate, don’t judge your thoughts. When you are doing this process, exact teachings necessary for you will intuitively come out of you, for you. The real ultimate teaching comes out of you, for you. So we have to go inward, make our mind zero and try to become the Primordial Principle, the Ultimate. After that, you have no birth, You are One with the Absolute.. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj