UFO’s In Religious and Early Century Art

Jimi Hendrix

Characteristics and Traits of a Starseed Soul

What are Walk-In and Wanderer Souls?

Dr. John E. Mack

Mary Rodwell

The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact (Article)

Kids interviewed then and now – Ariel school Africa – UFO in 1994 (Video)

The Pleiades and Ancient Civilizations (Article)

The UFO Incident (Movies and Documentaries with a message) Video

The Custodians (Books I’ve Read and Recommend)

Ezekiel’s Wheel – UFO’s in the Bible

“Children of the Sun” – Billy Thorpe (Lyrics – Bands with a Message)

Archaeologist discover rock paintings of aliens and UFOs in India – (Article)

5,000 Year Old Alien Cave Paintings

10,000 BC Cave Painting of Aliens

Sun picture with metallic orbs – by Mynzah

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