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Self Realization…Truth…Reality…Otherworldly…

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Independent inquiry is needed in your search for truth, not dependence on anyone else’s view or a mere book… ~ Bruce Lee


Oneness…Self Realization…Awakening…Know Thyself…

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When we suddenly awake to the realization that there is no barrier, and never has been, one realizes that one is all things…mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, sun, moon, stars, universe are all oneself. There is no longer a division or barrier between myself and others, no longer any feeling of alienation or fear there is nothing apart from oneself and therefore nothing to fear. Realizing this results in true compassion. Other people and things are not seen as apart from oneself but, on the contrary, as one’s own body… ~ Bruce Lee (From the book, Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit: A Biography)

Awakening…Know Thyself…Self Realization…Within…

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I wish neither to possess nor to be possessed. I no longer covet ‘paradise’. More important, I no longer fear ‘hell’. The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it, until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel, consuming myself… ~ Bruce Lee

Self Realization…Know Thyself…Think For Yourself… (Quote)

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In order to realize our true self we must be willing to live without being dependent upon the opinion of others. ~ Bruce Lee

Transformation…Evolve…Flow… (Quote)

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Be flexible so you can change with change. Empty yourself! Open up! ~ Bruce Lee

Life (Quote)


“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.” ~ Bruce Lee

Oneness (Quote)

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“Under the sky, under the heavens there is but One family.” ~ Bruce Lee

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