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Love…Oneness…Self Realization…Know Thyself…

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I belong to no religion. My religion is Love. Every Heart is my temple. ~ Rumi


God…Know Thyself…Awakening…Self Realization… (Quote)

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There is no God any more Divine than Yourself… ~ Walt Whitman

Kundalini…Harmony…Transformation… (Quote)

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“Kundalini is neither mastered nor awakened. She is infinitely awake within All and chooses when to ascend, removing the finite veil, intentionally draped over our eternal consciousness. Kundalini raises herself and is already One and in harmony with the self manifest in this reality of consciousness. She divulges the singular truth of our eternal existence, our eternal divinity, and our eternal Oneness. We do not master Kundalini, we harmonize with her, we do not control… her, we are One with her. Remembering her and ourselves, vibrationally elevates the collective consciousness from duality to singularity, division to unity…to harmony and balance. No religion or spiritual person needed, only our pure intention and readiness to know who we are…the Eternal Supreme, draped with finite material form by choice, not by force or for punishment, rather for evolution of self, the One, in an upward fibonacci spiral…remembering All is Love and All is One.” ~ Mynzah

Uraeus Caduceus Kundalini


“The Uraeus (Ancient Egypt) or Kundalini (Ancient India), represents the medical caduceus…two serpents spiraling 7 times up a pole until they reach the top at which point they have wings and take flight.” ~ Dr Edward Bruce Bynum Ph. D.

Naga / Kundalini / Uraeus

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Naga, the cobra, another name and symbol of Kundalini / Uraeus energy…a cosmic energy coiled and asleep within everyone. It awakens the All Seeing Eye of God…also known as the Eye of Horus, Tetragrammaton, your Third Eye. As it spirals up your spine, it opens and cleanses all chakras, purifying the body and mind for the Awakened Eye…the Eye that is within all…the Aum…the Amen…You…Everyone… ~ Mynzah