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God…One…You…Christ…Upanishad…Know Thyself…

Joseph Campbell 102419

Christ was crucified because he said, ‘I and the Father are One.’ Well, the ultimate mystical experience is of one’s identity with the divine power. That’s the sense of the Chandogya Upanishad saying which says ‘You are It.’ That divinity which you seek outside, and which you first become aware of because you recognize it outside, is actually your inmost being…. ~ Joseph Campbell

Adam and Eve is Kundalini

Mynzah Kundalini 93019

The Revelation of Self written in Genesis. The Tree of Life is the spine, the serpent entwined around the tree is Kundalini, awakener of our Divinity. Eve, the Divine Feminine within all…Adam, the Divine Masculine within all. The Apple, anything that assists in awakening the Self. The forbidden knowledge, Knowing Thyself experientially as Divinity, as Love…as One… ~ Mynzah


Dr Lawrence Edwards 92919

Kundalini is often used to refer to the power of the Divine present in each person. She has two aspects. One maintains the entire existence of our body, mind and spirit. The other aspect, considered dormant, is the power of Consciousness to know the Divine in Its infinitude as Self. This potential power, innate to all of us, can propel our awareness from the paltry limitations of individual existence, with all its wants and needs and deficiencies, to Unity Consciousness – the sublime awareness of our Divine Self, infinite and all-encompassing. Symbolized by a coiled serpent asleep in the center of earthbound consciousness, this aspect of Kundalini awaits the great awakening, the most profoundly important event in the long life of the soul, a life that extends over countless cycles of physical birth and death… ~ Dr Lawrence Edwards


Sivananda 33019

That consciousness perishes at the time of death of the physical body is incorrect. Consciousness is eternal and it persists beyond death. In you the consciousness is veiled by mind and matter. Therefore, one is not able to realize their essential, Divine Nature… ~ Sivananda

Immortal…Divine…You…Awakening…Self Realization…

Peace Pilgrim 3519

Your mind does not know you are immortal, although it may believe if it has been taught. Only through an awakening of your Divine Nature will you know that you are immortal… ~ Peace Pilgrim

Divine Timing…Highest Good…Awareness… (Quote)

Marcus Aurelius 82918

Everything that happens happens as it should, and if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so… ~ Marcus Aurelius

God…Oneness…Know Thyself… (Quote)

Sathya Sai Baba 82818

All are Divine. But some are not aware of their own Divinity. We think we are this body. But we are not this body…We are Infinite, Immutable and Eternal… ~ Sathya Sai Baba