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Otherworldly…Interconnected…Oneness… (Quote)

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Our path is like a giant circle with no beginning and no end. We are eternal; Our Spirits can never die or be destroyed. We are fellow travelers in the game of life and our destinies are intertwined. ~ Dolores Cannon


Life…Journey…Reality… (Quote)

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Apparently when we enter the Earth existence, the third dimensional reality, we exist with a façade as actors playing various roles. For some it is the adventure of the experience, the journey. For others it is entrapment in an illusion that takes on all the qualities of reality. ~ Dolores Cannon

Life (Quote)


“Through the process of reincarnation we have ALL lived on other planets and in other dimensions and we will continue to do so after our lessons on Earth have been completed. Earth is a merely a school…one of many in our long education.” ~ Dolores Cannon

The Custodians (Books I’ve Read and Recommend)


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“We will find that there are other planes of existence, other dimensions, other universes, existing side-by-side with this one. We will discover that travel between these is not only possible, it is desirable. We will find that these are not simply crazy theories, but that they are rooted in fact. Once we have removed the blinders that impede our progress, and escape the limitations imposed by linear thinking, we will find it is true that we are only limited by our imaginations. Then we will be able to loose the fetters chaining us to Earth and to join our brothers, our ancestors, and coexist among the stars. It has been said that space is the final frontier, but other dimensions and parallel universes (coexisting alongside our own world) could be the next challenge. First we need to understand them so they can be explored.” ~ Dolores Cannon (excerpt from the book: The Custodians)

This is one of the first books that I have read by Dolores Cannon…A must read for those seeking the truth of our existence within the cosmos and our relationship with Star Beings (the Custodians). This book confirmed what I have always known and what I was reminded of after my awakening. Perhaps you will find the pages of this book resonating with You as well. ~ Mynzah

Blessings of Love and Light to You and everyone that You know…