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Kundalini…Harmony…Transformation… (Quote)

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“Kundalini is neither mastered nor awakened. She is infinitely awake within All and chooses when to ascend, removing the finite veil, intentionally draped over our eternal consciousness. Kundalini raises herself and is already One and in harmony with the self manifest in this reality of consciousness. She divulges the singular truth of our eternal existence, our eternal divinity, and our eternal Oneness. We do not master Kundalini, we harmonize with her, we do not control… her, we are One with her. Remembering her and ourselves, vibrationally elevates the collective consciousness from duality to singularity, division to unity…to harmony and balance. No religion or spiritual person needed, only our pure intention and readiness to know who we are…the Eternal Supreme, draped with finite material form by choice, not by force or for punishment, rather for evolution of self, the One, in an upward fibonacci spiral…remembering All is Love and All is One.” ~ Mynzah


Sage of the Diviner (Poetry by Mynzah)

Sage of the Diviner 4102018

~ Sage of the Diviner ~

the Seer’s Sage…Kundalini already Awakened…Turned to this plants aid…died again, revealing more of the One within. Not so much with a grin, a frightening experience I would repeat over and over with Holy intent…

And then…with a loving stern voice…She said…”Don’t do this again…You’re going to kill yourself…” I did and didn’t know what she meant…and haven’t journeyed since…

From the otherside I stood sad and Grateful…Knowing what has been received is all the I need from this level of the conscious journey…Now, begin the path…share what you’ve seen, others will know what you mean, it will help awaken the dream…remembering our singularity…

We are and forever will be…All that Is and Ever will be…Choose to see and you will also know, we are Love…As Above So Below…A singular Being, fractally transposed…Ascension, Evolution, Third Eye Awoke…Shamanic Plant, Herb of Mary… Salvia Divinorum… ~ MynZah

God…Know Thyself…Self Realiztion… (Quote)

Rumi 33118

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.” ~ Rumi


Life…Afterlife…Existence… (Quote)

Sri Nisargadatta 33018

The existence of heaven or hell, or whatever it is, is on this earth only. All names appertain to forms, and all forms appear from the earth and merge again into that. They are concepts, the existence of heaven and hell. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Near Death Experience…Reality…Otherworldly… (Quote)

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People who have Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), are not suffering from hallucinations or delusional fantasies, but are actually making visits to an entirely different level of reality. ~ The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Otherworldly…Guides…Love… (Quote)

Ralph W Trine 31418

If Angels come not to minister unto us it is because we do not invite them, it is because we keep the door closed through which they might otherwise enter. ~ Ralph Waldo Trine

Awakening…Oneness…Remember Thyself… (Quote)

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The moment a person realizes their oneness with the Infinite Spirit, they recognize themself as a Spiritual Being, an no longer a physical, material being. ~ Ralph Waldo Trine