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Ramana Maharshi 52218

Look within. Seek the Self. There will be an end of the world and its miseries…The inquiry “Who am I?” is the only method of putting an end to all misery and ushering in Supreme Beatitude… ~ Ramana Maharshi


Breaking News with Bill Hicks

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Breaking Evening News with Bill Hicks: All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all One consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather…

Within…Awakening…Know Thyself… (Quote)

Paracelsus 5918

To be taught is nothing; everything is in you, awaiting to be awakened… ~ Paracelsus

Sage of the Diviner (Poetry by Mynzah)

Sage of the Diviner 4102018

~ Sage of the Diviner ~

the Seer’s Sage…Kundalini already Awakened…Turned to this plants aid…died again, revealing more of the One within. Not so much with a grin, a frightening experience I would repeat over and over with Holy intent…

And then…with a loving stern voice…She said…”Don’t do this again…You’re going to kill yourself…” I did and didn’t know what she meant…and haven’t journeyed since…

From the otherside I stood sad and Grateful…Knowing what has been received is all the I need from this level of the conscious journey…Now, begin the path…share what you’ve seen, others will know what you mean, it will help awaken the dream…remembering our singularity…

We are and forever will be…All that Is and Ever will be…Choose to see and you will also know, we are Love…As Above So Below…A singular Being, fractally transposed…Ascension, Evolution, Third Eye Awoke…Shamanic Plant, Herb of Mary… Salvia Divinorum… ~ MynZah

6-year-old becomes first person in Texas to get medical marijuana (News)


Article Dated 2/2/18: A 6-year-old girl in Texas was given medical marijuana on Thursday to treat her epilepsy — making her the very first person in the state to legally obtain a cannabis product, according to reports. ~ New York Post

Remainder of article here: 6-year-old becomes first person in Texas to get medical marijuana

Marijuana…Consciousness…Spirituality… (Quote)

Mynzah Jan 2 2018

Since time immemorial, Marijuana has been a gateway to Higher Spiritual Consciousness and has been beneficial for the Body, Mind, and Soul. ~ Mynzah

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Self Realization…Know Thyself…Awakening… (Quote)

Mynzah 122017

Allow yourself access to all tools that reveal your divinity. ~ Mynzah