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Kundalini…Within…Awakening… (Quote)

Dr Edward Bynum 5818

Within each of us lies the potential to activate a personal connection to the superconscious. Called Uraeus, in ancient Egyptian texts and Kundalini in ancient Hindu yoga traditions, our innate serpent power of spiritual transcendence inhabits the base of the spine in its dormant state. When awakened, it unfurls along the spinal column to the brain, connecting individual consciousness to the consciousness of the universe. At the root of creativity and spiritual genius across innumerable cultures and civilizations, this intelligent force reveals portals that enfold time, space, and the luminous matrix of reality itself. ~ Dr. Edward Bynum (Dark Light Consciousness: Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality)


Kundalini…Ureaus…Caduceus… (Quote)

Mynzah Kundalini 10917

You see it on Doctors lapels, on the side of ambulances and hospitals…it is the ancient symbol for Kundalini, and called today, Caduceus and/or Staff of Hermes, Staff of Osiris. It is the symbol of healing and restoration, hence the reason this ancient symbol is used by the medical profession today. ~ Mynzah

Two serpents
(Ida & Pingala)
ascending a pole (Sushumna).

Attaining wings (Awakening) at the height of ascent.

Self-Realization attained
Union with God

Kundalini (Quote)


“When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world.  It is the world of eternity.” ~ Carl Jung


Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – the Serpent and the Lotus (Video)

“What is Kundalini? The primordial energy within All but remembered by few.” ~ Mynzah

Sushumna (Kundalini)

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Sushumna is the central channel of 3, connecting the base chakra to the crown chakra. The Sushumna, the Ida and the Pingala are Nadi’s that provide an avenue for the ascension of Kundalini, the Prana energy within all.