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Knowledge…Know Thyself…Humanity… (Quote)

Shantidasa 61118

The grand secret of humanity is its inability to perceive its own spiritual character. Humankind is nothing less than miniature gods in the unfolding. When the ancient masters bid their students “To Know Thyself,” they were merely guiding them to this sacred knowledge… ~ Shantidas


Immortality…Spirit…Know Thyself… (Quote)

Swami Ramdas 6918

While the body perishes the Spirit is immortal. We are here to realize we are Spirit… ~ Swami Ramdas

Christ…God…Know Thyself…Otherworldly… (Quote)

Christ 6518

Ye are from beneath; I am from above, ye are of this world; I am not of this world. And Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Is it not written in your law, I said YE ARE GODS? I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High… ~ Christ (John 8:23, John 8:32, John 10:34, Psalm 82:6 KJV)

Kundalini…Harmony…Transformation… (Quote)

Mynzah 21816 repost and redone 52418

“Kundalini is neither mastered nor awakened. She is infinitely awake within All and chooses when to ascend, removing the finite veil, intentionally draped over our eternal consciousness. Kundalini raises herself and is already One and in harmony with the self manifest in this reality of consciousness. She divulges the singular truth of our eternal existence, our eternal divinity, and our eternal Oneness. We do not master Kundalini, we harmonize with her, we do not control… her, we are One with her. Remembering her and ourselves, vibrationally elevates the collective consciousness from duality to singularity, division to unity…to harmony and balance. No religion or spiritual person needed, only our pure intention and readiness to know who we are…the Eternal Supreme, draped with finite material form by choice, not by force or for punishment, rather for evolution of self, the One, in an upward fibonacci spiral…remembering All is Love and All is One.” ~ Mynzah

Love…Knowledge…Heart (Quote)

Sivananda 52318

The great book is within your Heart. Open the pages of this inexhaustible book, the source of all knowledge. You will know everything… ~ Sivananda

Oneness…God…Prayer… (Quote)

Yogaswami 52018.jpg

The One who prays and the One to whom prayers are addressed are One and the Same… ~ Yogaswami

Teacher…Dream…Know Thyself… (Quote)

Robert Adams 51618

The teacher is really yourself. You have created a teacher to wake you up. The teacher would not be here if you were not dreaming about the teacher… ~ Robert Adams