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Otherworldly…Source…Know Thyself…Awakening…Soul…

Dr John E Mack 41719

“Abductees,” Eva said, “Are souls that have, for their individual purposes and reasons, chosen the probability of physical form. But through their experiences they are regaining their memory of source…The process of abduction is one form of such, of regaining memory.” The abduction experience itself, Eva said, “Is a mechanism to remove the structures that impede the reconnection with source, and to purify the physical vehicle in such a way to serve to regain better memory and to bring knowledge to others.” ~ Dr. John E. Mack (Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens)


Soul…Out of Body Experience…Near Death Experience…Afterlife…

Dr. Michael Newton 41119

Souls are quite capable of leaving and returning to their host bodies, particularly in life-threatening situations when the body is dying. People tell of hovering over their bodies, especially in hospitals, watching doctors perform life-saving procedures on them… ~ Dr. Michael Newton

Soul…Oneness…Know Thyself…Higher Self…Awakening…

Dr Brian Weiss 41019

Souls don’t have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions… ~ Dr. Brian Weiss

God…Remember Thyself…Awakening…Self Realization…

Vivekananda 112718

Strengthen the real nature, build up yourselves, the effulgent, the resplendent, the ever pure, call that up in every one whom you see. I wish that everyone of us had come to such a state that even when we see the vilest of human beings we can see the God within, and instead of condemning, say, ‘Rise, thou effulgent One, rise thou who art always pure, rise thou birthless and deathless, rise almighty, and manifest your nature.’…This is the highest prayer that the Advaita teaches. This is the one prayer: Remembering our nature.

Why does one go out to look for a God?…It is your own heart beating, and you did not know, you were mistaking it for something external. The One, nearest of the near, my own self, the reality of my own life, my body and my soul. I Am Thee and Thou art me. That is your own nature. Assert it, manifest it. Not to become pure, you are pure already. You are not to be perfect, you are that already. Every good thought which you think or act upon is simply tearing the veil, as it were, and the purity, the Infinity, the God behind, manifests itself…the eternal Subject of everything, the eternal Witness in this universe, your own Self… ~ Vivekananda


Ram Dass 112618

The soul is not part of the incarnation. It comes into the incarnation. And the soul is not afraid of death because it has done it so many times… ~ Ram Dass

Soul…Within…Third Eye…

Plato 102318 Alex Grey

In all there is an eye of the soul, more precious far than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is truth seen… ~ Plato

Soul…Know Thyself…Out of Body (Quote)

the Zohar 82718

Believe not that we consist of flesh, skin and veins. The real part of us is our Soul, and the things just mentioned are only outward coverings. They are only veils, not the real self… ~ the Zohar