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Life…Evolution…Transformation… (Quote)

Abraham Hicks 52417

Life Will Always Be Working Out  for Me…

I like understanding that things are always
evolving, and while there are many things that
could be better where I am, it is not really a
problem because “where I am” is constantly
changing to something better.  I like knowing
that as I look for the best things around me
where I am, those things become more
prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working
out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of
that…I see more evidence of that every day. ~ Abraham-Hicks​

Thought…Feelings…Manifestation… (Quote)

Buddha 52317

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create. ~ Buddha

Belief…Thought…Manifestation… (Quote)

Byron Katie 52317

“It’s what we’re believing about the world that is the cause of our fear, not the world.” ~ Byron Katie

Peace…Harmony…Compassion… (Quote)

Vivekananda 52017

“Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless them, and let them go their own way.” ~ Swami Vivekananda

Self-Realization…Transformation…the World… (Quote)

Paramahansa Yogananda 51717

“Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world.” ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Vibration…Frequency…Love… (Quote)

Positive Vibrations 41517

The more we tune into our feelings the more we become capable of raising our vibration. If we think of our mind as a radio that is sending and receiving frequencies, we have a clearer idea of how thought patterns work. A lower vibration will capture lower vibrational thoughts, negativity, judgment, criticism, etc., while a being who is vibrating in a higher state will begin to grasp thoughts that are more loving. In our essence, we are all one, and the greater our frequency, this truth becomes something that we not only know, but something we actually experience. A being who is resonating in a higher state is much less likely to inflict pain on another because intuitively they know that what is done to the other is ultimately done to the self, which is why compassion and love become their natural state.

Belief, Transformation, and Self-Realization (Quote)

Hazrat Inayat Khan 33017

“There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the Soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.” ~ Inayat Khan