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Art by Friends

Tiffany Davis Rustam ART OSIRIS 111117

I recently met an amazing artist by the name of Tiffany Davis-Rustam.  The picture of the wand is one of her recent creations and below is her information regarding this wand.

My largest Vortex Wand to date: “Osiris.” The name came to me sooner than the others, as I was making it. This one definitely has a masculine energy to it, with extra large Brazilian Quartz & Amethyst points! Also featured is black tourmaline and lapis inlaid in carved out spiral Vortex grooves, with studs of azurite, smoky apache tear and a big blue kyanite. Pictured here where I blessed it, in front of a “Kachina” at Boynton Canyon Vortex in West Sedona.


Thank You…


Thank you to the Divine Being who purchased my art piece, Sri Yantra, yesterday. I received an email today that it had sold but I am unaware of the purchaser other than they’re from New Jersey. I’m always appreciative when my art finds a space to be Loved in…thank you again and Peace, Light and Love to You and All that You know… ~ Mynzah

Sri Yantra by Mynzah

Know Thyself…Self Realization…Divinity…Oneness (Quote)

Mynzah 101917

Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed are messengers, not saviours. The receiver of the message is the saviour and the intent of the message is Self-Realization of Divinity within…and in All. ~ Mynzah

Kundalini…Ureaus…Caduceus… (Quote)

Mynzah Kundalini 10917

You see it on Doctors lapels, on the side of ambulances and hospitals…it is the ancient symbol for Kundalini, and called today, Caduceus and/or Staff of Hermes, Staff of Osiris. It is the symbol of healing and restoration, hence the reason this ancient symbol is used by the medical profession today. ~ Mynzah

Two serpents
(Ida & Pingala)
ascending a pole (Sushumna).

Attaining wings (Awakening) at the height of ascent.

Self-Realization attained
Union with God

Kundalini (Quote)

Mynzah 10917

Buddha, Krishna and Christ is Kundalini. ~ Mynzah

Higher Self…Reality…Transformation… (Quote)

Mynzah 10317

Nothing is greater at changing reality than our perceptions and feelings that are negative or positive. Our frequency and vibration determines our trajectory of lower or higher resonance. Unconditional Love is the highest rate to maintain…Our innate self. ~ Mynzah

Louise Hay…thank you


Blessings of Love and Light to Louise Hay…a Bright Light…a Beautiful Being…An Eternal Soul. Thank you for sharing and caring for us all. ~ Mynzah